19th JUNE 2020-A very very bad day for TAMILZNADU

August 11, 2020

The sad part of today 19th JUNE 2020 is a very very bad day for TAMILZNADU is there are 40 Corona deaths today itself.

Late ShriNAGI REDDY's grand Son ( Son's son ) has passed away due to Covid 19..the 1st declared death in today's death count... Shri.SARATH REDDY who is worth of thousands of Crores including the 2 MAJOR VIJAYA HOSPITALS , VIJAYA PARK INN in either side of Vadapalani Bus Stand was fighting in his VIJAYA HOSPITAL. Sad Part of it the VIJAYA HOSPITAL could not save it's own CHAIRMAN from COVID 19.

The 2nd death is Shri.A.L.Raghavan ( ever green Play Back Singer of Yester years ) has passed away at the age of 87.

Shri.A.L.Raghavan had sang most of the popular hits songs for Shri.Jemini Ganesan and Shri.Nagesh.

And 38 other Tamilians..

The most sad part of TAMILZ NADU Govt is it could not save a sitting DMK MLA Shri.Anbhazhagan last week.

Another sittIng AIADMK M.L.A Shri.PAZHANI is fighting for his life.

Few days back TN CMs SPECIAL SECRETARY Shri.DAMODHARAN, I.A.S has passed away.

Latest News.. Shri.ANBHAZHAGAN , Minister for Higher Education, Govt of Tamilz Nadu has been admitted in MIOT HOSPITAL.

The Tamilz Nadu Secretatiate has identified hundreds of its employees as COVID 19 Positive and sent them immly for treatment in Rajiv Gandhi and Omandurar Hospitals.

Our DGP Office staffs and includinh a                             Dy.Commissioner of Police have bn identified as Corona Positive  and immly admitted in Rajiv Gandhi Hospital and undergoing treatments. 

This is the prevailing situation in Tamilz Nadu today and especially the State Capital CHENNAI.

So I am humbly requesting all my NEARS & DEARS ... not to venture out unnecessarily till 30th JUNE 2020.




PLEASE WEAR MASKS wherever it is warranted.

Please take all preventive measures!

Please wash your both hands with Dettol Hand Wash frequently.

Please use Sanitizers wherever it is necessary.

Please follow all the procedures and norms advised by our Central, State Govts and AYUSH DEPT.

Besides, please take healthy food , preventive medicines from Allopathy/ Siddha / Homeopathy whichever you prefer and a good sleep for min 7hrs.

Please avoid TV News at regular intervals. Please watch only Headlines and switch off it immly.

Please perform more prayers of your faith and keep a very Healthy and Positive mind always.

Please practice YOGA, PRANAYSMA and MUDRA to increase your immunity powers.

This message is not for giving any PANIC.

This message is given only with a very good intentions with utmost love, care and affection.